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Baby Girl with Soother
Baby Breastfeeding
Happy Baby

Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Specializing in Infant Feeding / TOTs

Providing family-focused and collaborative support for you and your growing little one. 


  • Tummy time and play skills

  • Motor milestone development

  • Asymmetry and/or torticollis

  • Plagiocephaly or other cranial molding concerns

  • Sensory processing

  • Social emotional development

Transitioning to Solids

  • Oral motor skills

  • Reducing mealtime stress

  • Baby-led, responsive feeding

  • Understanding your baby’s feeding cues

  • Readiness for solids

  • Food selection and progression

  • Self-feeding and utensil use

  • Introducing cup and straw drinking

  • Management of mealtime behaviors and learned responses

  • Working through feeding challenges (i.e. picky eating, food refusal, overstuffing, gagging, coughing, etc)


  • Open mouth posture

  • Mouth breathing

  • Low resting tongue posture

  • Extended paci use

  • Thumb sucking

  • Teeth grinding

  • Snoring

Breast & Bottle Feeding

  • Latch 

  • Positioning

  • Bottle selection

  • Addressing feeding challenges (i.e. Painful latch, coughing, gulping, choking, noisy feeds, breast or bottle refusal, poor volume intake, extensive mealtime duration, etc)

Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)
"Tongue Tie"

  • Oral motor therapy to maximize functioning and sensory processing 

  • Resolving whole body asymmetries and tension through functional activities

  • Ensuring readiness for release procedure

  • Collaborative pre- and post- release education and support

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • Wound management education

Get support for your newborn to toddler with:

Our Service Options:


  • OT Evaluation

    • 0-6 mos: $300

    • 6+ mos: $350 

  • Clinical Treatment $175

  • CFT Treatment $175

  • Home Evaluation in a 10 mile radius

    • 0-6 mos: $400

    • 6+ mos: $450

  • Home Treatment in a 10 mile radius $225

    *Additional Travel Fee May Apply 


  • Virtual Treatment $175

*Evaluations held in-home or in-office only

Mother and Daughter


We are an out-of-network provider and are not accepting insurance at this time. We can provide a superbill upon request for potential reimbursement with your insurance provider. 

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