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Diverse Kindergarten

Not quite sure how to tackle the next phase of your child’s development? Feeling stuck and overwhelmed with things like tummy time or introducing solids? We want you to know that you are not alone! 


Join one of our workshops or playgroups to connect with other parents and feel confident in tackling parenthood head on. Our courses cover a wide range of hot parenting topics and are led by experts in the field to support you. 


Come to one of our classes to enrich your parenting toolbox and learn how to find that “just right” balance of challenge and support so that your child can master new skills with less stress and more fun!

Making Progress with Friends

 If you are interested in hosting a private playgroup or workshop, please contact us here.



Lunch & Learn

An introduction to solids

Bring your portable high chair, snacks, and questions to lunch as we bite into everything feeding related! We'll discuss your child's feeding cues, how to pick foods, self-feeding skills, mealtime behaviors, and more!

Image by Christian Hermann

Babies & Bellies

For 0-6 month old babies

Join us on Thursdays in Orange to connect with other moms as we explore fun tummy time activities with your little one! 

Potty Training 101

3-5 Years

Most children successfully potty train around 3 years old


Join Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS & Brittany Cheng, MS, OTR/L in this pre-recorded class as they share the basics to toilet training your little and answer any questions you might have! This class covers signs of readiness, setting up your environment for success, strategies to encourage independence on the potty, bedwetting, nighttime training, and so much more!

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