Diverse Kindergarten

Play is the essence of childhood learning. It is the foundation on which a child begins to develop an understanding of who they are.  Through play, children learn how to master cognitive and motor skills, create and define social relationships, and learn about the world around them. As parents, it’s our job to provide our children with opportunities for play so that they can learn and grow.


Wayz To Play's Playgroups are a wonderful means of enriching your child’s learning experiences while enjoying the company of some peers. Enrich your parenting toolbox with fun activities to do at home with little to no prep! Classes cover a number of skills including fine motor, gross motor, visual, visual-motor, cognitive, play, social-emotional, sensory, communication, self-help, and school-readiness. Come join the fun!

Making Progress with Friends

 If you are interested in hosting a private playgroup or workshop in your own backyard, please contact us here. 



Image by Christian Hermann

Food School:

"Early Eaters"

6 Months - 1 Year

Solids, cups, and spoons- Oh my! Join this 6-week series to learn everything you need to know about introducing your baby to food


Wiggle Work

3-5 Years

Get your wiggles & extra energy out in this exciting gross motor series

Virtual Dance Class

Sense-Sational Play

1 - 3 Years

Explore your senses in this developmental playgroup series

Image by Debby Hudson
Playing with Wooden Spoons

Little Chef

3 Years & Up

Join our virtual cooking class to create a kid-friendly dish that everyone can enjoy