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General Questions

How do I book a service?

All booking is online on our website. Please click here to be directed to our booking page.

Where are your services provided?

We support families all over Orange County! We provide in-home, office, and virtual services.  Our office is located at

1015 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92866 at Verve Family Wellness Collective


What is your sick policy?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.


What safety measures are you taking to protect against the spread of COVID-19?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.


What is your refund policy?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.

FAQ About Occupational Therapy Services


What does an evaluation look like?

Once you've reached out to schedule an evaluation, you will be sent an intake form to complete prior to your scheduled appointment. This will help the evaluator understand your child's medical history and needs. Generally the evaluation lasts 60 to 90 minutes long and is comprised of the initial conversation reviewing the intake, family concerns, family goals, and to observe your child. The evaluator will look at your child's overall development, along with the specific functional concerns that led you to seek OT support. At this time, the evaluator will also provide suggested activities, exercises, and routines that comprise your home program to carryover activities outside of the treatment sessions. At Wayz To Play, Inc., we firmly believe in the family's involvement to execute the home program on a regular and consistent basis in order to optimize therapy outcomes. 

What do treatment sessions look like?

After the initial evaluation is completed, your provider will determine therapy frequency to help you reach your goals. Treatment sessions are approximately 60 minutes. During these treatment sessions, you will discuss any changes since your last visit, ask questions and troubleshoot exercises given, and continue direct therapy with the provider. Therapy consists of regulation strategies, bodywork through functional tasks, and oral-motor work. You will also be given homework with adjustments to the home program as needed.

How many sessions does my baby need pre- and post- release?

Every child's needs are unique; thus, the number of sessions needed to see progress vary. Feeding is a complicated task that is affected by a number of variables. From sensory regulation to oral motor skills to compounding factors such as Torticollis, these all play a role in the projection of your child's progress. That being said, we will maintain an open line of communication about the needs of your family and continually reassess your child's need for therapy services. Our goal is to ensure that you, as the caregiver, feel confident in providing daily opportunities to practice new skills in the natural context of your child's life. 

FAQ About Classes


What should I expect at a class?

Classes are held at our Laguna Hills office. Each class's structure, duration, and class size is tailored to optimize the fun! Classes are taught by an experienced professional in the field and are intended to empower parents with knowledge and concrete strategies surrounding a particular topic. Each class will include a lesson and Q&A time. To see more details about each of our playgroups or workshops, click here


Do I need to bring anything to my class?

If materials are needed for a particular playgroup or workshop, these materials will be listed in the class description before registering. We will also include any special notes if messy play will be involved in case you want to have extra clothes or wet wipes handy. 


What class should I register my child for?

Recommended age ranges are provided in the details for each playgroup or workshop; however, these are not strict rules.

Each workshop will have a “typical” age for milestone achievement for your reference; however, it is important to think of your child’s development as a process of building skills rather than reaching milestones. Skills don’t just happen; they are learned. Children rely on opportunities for practice in order to achieve important skills. They also learn skills at different paces and ages. Keep this in mind when thinking about what workshops you’d like to attend. There is no “right” age to introduce each independence skill. Look for your child’s interest in and readiness to learn something new. Workshops are intended to be informative for parents, so it's never too early or too late to prep for success! f you wish for your younger or older child to participate in a playgroup, feel free to join us still! Just keep in mind what level of support you might need to provide your child during the playgroup in order to optimize the fun.

What if I can no longer attend a class? Do you offer makeup classes?

We all know life happens and sometimes our plans change. If you can no longer attend a class you registered for, please let your instructor know and email If another adult cannot attend in your place, we can prorate the class.  In order to protect the privacy of participants and maintain an intimate atmosphere, we do not offer makeup classes for our playgroup series. The information provided in class will be readily available and our instructors are here to answer any questions regarding topics discussed.


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