General Questions

How do I register?

All registration is online on our website. Please click here to be directed to our registration page.

Where are classes held?

Refer to the details of the class you are interested in attending to find out whether it is hosted online via Zoom or held in-person. If you class is held online, you will be given a Zoom link upon registration. If you are interested in hosting a private playgroup or workshop in your own backyard, please contact us here.


Private Class COVID Update: 

If you wish to host a playgroup with your personal “mommy pod” in the comfort of your backyard, please contact us here. In order to host an in-person playgroup, there must be a minimum of 3 parent-child pairs participating. All participants must adhere to our Sick Policy & COVID-19 Safety Measures.


What is your sick policy?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.


What safety measures are you taking to protect against the spread of COVID-19?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.


What is your refund policy?

Please click here to our Policy page for more information.

FAQ About Playgroups


What should I expect at a playgroup?

Each playgroup’s structure, duration, and class size is tailored to optimize the fun! To see more about each of our playgroups, click here. We encourage parents to participate with their children in our playgroups, although it is not required for some virtual classes.


Do I need to bring anything to my playgroup?

If materials are needed for a particular playgroup, these materials will be listed in the playgroup description before registering. We will also include any special notes if messy play will be involved in case you want to have extra clothes or wet wipes handy. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you and your child with fun activities that require little to no prep!


What playgroup should I register my child for?

Recommended age ranges are provided in the details for each playgroup; however, these are not strict rules. If you wish for your younger or older child to participate, feel free to join us still! Just keep in mind what level of support you might need to provide your child during class in order to optimize the fun.

What if I can no longer attend classes in my series? Do you offer makeup classes?

We all know life happens and sometimes our plans change. If you can no longer attend the classes in your series, please let your instructor know and email If another adult cannot attend in your place, we can prorate the remaining classes in your playgroup series.  In order to protect the privacy of participants and maintain an intimate atmosphere, we do not offer makeup classes for our playgroup series. The information provided in class will be readily available and our instructors are here to answer any questions regarding topics discussed.


FAQ About Workshops


What should I expect at a workshop?

Workshops are taught by an experienced professional in the field and are intended to empower parents with knowledge and concrete strategies surrounding a particular topic. Workshops are intended to be a “crash course” for parents, so it is important to find care for your child in order to maximize your learning experience. Each workshop will include a lesson and Q&A time. To see more about each workshop, click here.


Do I need to bring anything to a workshop?

If materials are needed for a particular workshop, these materials will be listed in the workshop description before registering. Handouts will be provided.  

When is the best time to register for a workshop?

Each workshop will have a “typical” age for milestone achievement for your reference; however, it is important to think of your child’s development as a process of building skills rather than reaching milestones. Skills don’t just happen; they are learned. Children rely on opportunities for practice in order to achieve important skills. They also learn skills at different paces and ages. Keep this in mind when thinking about what workshops you’d like to attend. There is no “right” age to introduce each independence skill. Look for your child’s interest in and readiness to learn something new. Workshops are intended to be informative for parents, so it's never too early or too late to prep for success!