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Nurture With Knowledge

Not quite sure how to tackle the next phase in your child’s development? Want to build confidence in knowing that you have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to transitioning to solids, potty training, and even time management? Our workshops are here for you! Take one of our parent “crash-courses” to feel good knowing that you’ve got a hang of this parenting thing!


Our workshops cover a wide range of topics from managing mom-life to pre-school styles to teaching your child specific functional skills in the areas of self-care and school-readiness. Taught by experts in the field, each workshop has its own unique approach to supporting you and your child.


In all of our functional skills workshops you will learn how to break down a particular task into more feasible steps and create an environment that sets your child up for success. Learn how to find that “just right” balance of challenge and support so that your child can master a particular skill with less stress and more fun!

 If you are interested in hosting a private playgroup or workshop in your own backyard, please contact us here. 



Potty Training 101

Most children successfully potty train around 3 years old


Join Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS & Brittany Cheng, MS, OTR/L as they share the basics to toilet training your little and answer any questions you might have! This class will cover signs of readiness, setting up your environment for success, strategies to encourage independence on the potty, bedwetting, nighttime training, and so much more!

If you cannot attend, but would like to purchase a recording of this workshop, please contact us for more information.

Potty Party  

Most children successfully potty train around 3 years old

Let’s get pumped about toilet training! Bring your little to this exciting gathering to celebrate the start of potty training. Have fun participating in play activities and games surrounding concepts of toilet training that you can use at home. Kids will have the opportunity to decorate a chart to record their toileting successes as well. No materials are needed to participate in this workshop.

Playing with Toys
Toddler with Toys

Lunch & Learn: Teach With Toys

For parents with children approx. 1-3 years

Bring a picnic and join good company as we chat about playtime strategies and how to use toys to foster skill development.


Picking Preschools

Most children attend preschool between 3-5 years.


Join early childhood educator, Melissa Noah, M.Ed, as she covers the fundamentals to picking a preschool that's right for you and your family. 

Preschool Class
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